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Recovery Alliance

Why Casa Vida? Casa Vida de Salud is a residential recovery center for recovery from alcohol and drug problems. The El Paso Alliance has been providing peer services for people ...

Human Performance Center

The Human Performance Center is a high level training center dedicated to improving athletic performance thru proven scientific training principles. It is the only facility ...

Clinic, Medical Center, Physical Fitness, Sports & Recreation

2280 Trawood Dr
El Paso   TX 79935

Eastwood Animal Clinic

Pet owners in this area generally look upon their pets as members of their respective families. We feel the same way. That’s one reason why we understand that your trust ...

Medical Center, Pet Service, Veterinarian

9509 Montana Ave
El Paso   TX 79925

Universal Vascular Center - Vein Clinic

If you suffer from varicose veins, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans today face a daily struggle with the swollen, ropey veins that can cause throbbing pain, ...

Doctor, Medical Center, Women's Health

2400 Trawood Dr Suite 204
El Paso   TX 79936

Southwest Plastic Surgery

Southwest Plastic Surgery offers you an outstanding experience from the very moment we welcome you into our facilities and throughout the entire span of your care. Southwest ...

Clinic, Medical Center, Plastic Surgery

10175 Gateway Blvd W # 210
El Paso   TX 79925

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center ...

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso is a health sciences university in El Paso, Texas founded on May 20, 2014. Previously, the university had operated as ...


IV Infusions is the first IV clinic in El Paso TX service that delivers IV hydration and nutrient therapies, and other medical services directly to clients. Safety Information IV ...

Alternative & Holistic Health, Medical Center

1920 N Zaragosa suite 105
El Paso   TX 79938

Healthy Horizons Clinic

We at healthy horizons clinic aspire to prevent diseases by using the personalized and precision medicine. Precision medicine is a fast emerging field of medicine which really ...

Medical Center

14470 Horizon Blvd, Suites A & J
Horizon City   TX 79928

El Paso Specialty Hospital Weight Loss Center

There is hope! Weight loss surgery shouldn’t be your first option. But if non-surgical options such as diet, exercise, lifestyle change, and even prescriptions from ...

Health/Wellness Website, Medical Center

1755 Curie Dr A
El Paso   TX 79902

Texas Tech El Paso Family Medicine Residency

Texas Tech Family Medicine has been the "Neighborhood Family Practice" of northeast El Paso for over 30 years. Our Family Medicine Center is a 24,000 square foot ...

Family Medicine Practice, Medical Center, Medical School

9849 Kenworthy St
El Paso   TX 79924

San Vicente Family Health Center

Mission: Centro San Vicente provides community-based primary healthcare with particular concern for the poor and needy. With a coordinated and holistic approach in caring ...

Western Sky Medical Research

Originally we began as The El Paso Institute for Medical Research and Development in 1985. Western Sky Medical Research has performed over 255 clinical research investigations, ...

Humberto Palladino, MD

Humberto Palladino, MD is a board certified Plastic Surgeon who specializes in both cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. He graduated from the prestigious Mayo Clinic ...

Clinic, Medical Center, Plastic Surgery

10175 Gateway Blvd W Suite 210
El Paso   TX 79925

InVogue Rejuvenation & Body Sculpting Center

Looking for a laser hair removal or body sculpting center in El Paso? We take excellent care of our patients. Perhaps you’re dropping by for a skincare treatment. Or ...

Medical Center, Medical Spa, Skin Care

11167 ½ La Quinta Pl
El Paso   TX 79936

Desert Imaging

Desert Imaging Center is committed to providing the very highest quality of care through prompt diagnosis and reporting. The services we provide include MRI, Open MRI, CT, ...

Medical Center

122 W Castellano Dr
El Paso   TX 79912

BreatheAmerica El Paso

BreatheAmerica offers a revolutionary approach to the treatment of airway disease. No referral is needed, and you won't experience a long wait for an appointment, and most ...

Medical & Health, Medical Center

4501 N Mesa St
El Paso   TX 79912

El Paso Injury Help Center

Most doctors, lawyers, and insurance companies will tell you to get checked out by a health care professional immediately after an auto accident. Even if you were only going ...

Law Practice, Medical Center

1790 N Lee Trevino Dr Suite 209
El Paso   TX 79936

The Star's Haven

Our mission at Star’s Haven is to instill the love of volleyball in young athletes. We strive to garner a sense of positive sportsmanship and a healthy sense of competition ...

Gym, Medical Center, Sports Center, Sports Venue & Stadium

4585 Ripley Dr Bldg 4
El Paso   TX 79922

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