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I provide Psychic and Mediumship Readings and Healing. From all the things I enjoy, do and share, this is my Love and Passion. Reading or Healing is an individual session ...

Alternative & Holistic Health, Professional Services, Psychic

1154 Upper Canyon Pl # B
El Paso   TX 79912

Agave Healing Arts

Investing in massage is an investment in your health. Receiving a one hour massage session at least once a month can be extremely beneficial for your physical and mental ...

Alternative & Holistic Health, Massage

12525 Tierra Cuervo Rd
El Paso   TX 79938

Elemental Collective

We focus not just on physical nutrition and well-being, but also on the equally important mental and spiritual aspects of personal development. Our goal is your success as ...

Injury Medical & Chiropractic Clinic, P.A.

STOP SUFFERING & STOP THE PAIN !! Specializing in Severe Pain: Sciatica, Neck-Back Pain, Whiplash, Headaches, Knee Injuries, Sport Injuries, Dizziness, Poor Sleep, Arthritis. ...

Alternative & Holistic Health, Chiropractor, Physical Fitness

6600 Montana Ave Suite J
El Paso   TX 79925


IV Infusions is the first IV clinic in El Paso TX service that delivers IV hydration and nutrient therapies, and other medical services directly to clients. Safety Information IV ...

Alternative & Holistic Health, Medical Center

1920 N Zaragosa suite 105
El Paso   TX 79938

Alma Acupuncture

Adrianne Ortega is a licensed acupuncturist, nationally certified chinese herbalist, practicing in El Paso, Texas. I received a master's degree in Oriental Medicine from ...

Alternative & Holistic Health, Medical & Health

3127 Montana Ave
El Paso   TX 79903

Mindfulness Masters

With this program our members are lead to find the peace and joy that give life its deepest meaning. We promote a heightened self-awareness, healthy self-expression and an ...

Alternative & Holistic Health, Coach

5778 N Mesa
El Paso   TX 79912

Vista Health Clinic &Rehab

Acupuncture can be used to treat many types of health conditions. It can also be used to enhance a person's energy level and general well being. It can reduce fatigue, boost ...

Alternative & Holistic Health, Chiropractor

1815 Trawood Ste. F
El Paso   TX 79935

Soulcare Online Hypnosis

Every day we are told we "can't" or, we "need". The false messages we receive on a daily basis, some from as far back as childhood, enter our subconscious ...

Alternative & Holistic Health, Region

1901 Arizona #102
El Paso   TX 79902

The Meditation Studio

Free Meditation Classes from beginner to advanced level. Also, Reiki Therapy, Life Coaching, Bach Flower Essences and Hypnosis Motivation. "Meditation is a healing practice ...

Alternative & Holistic Health, Spa, Beauty & Personal Care, Sports & Recreation

6130 Montana Ave, Suite 211
El Paso   TX 79925

Guided Trails Natural Health

Naturopathy is based on a holistic view of health. Many people seek more natural approaches to health by taking supplements or making dietary changes, without realizing that ...

Alternative & Holistic Health

220 Thunderbird Dr, Ste 11
El Paso   TX 79912

Vitanya El Paso


Alternative & Holistic Health

1760 Airway Blvd, STE 104
El Paso   TX 79925

The Retreat

The Retreat is a beautiful, spacious meeting place where El Paso’s finest maternity care providers have come together to serve the birthing women of our community under ...

Alternative & Holistic Health, Local Business, Professional Services

1312 E. Rio Grande
El Paso   TX 79902

Namaste Everyday

Namaste Everyday was created to inspire, educate and support people interested in living their fullest life possible with natural wellness. This page will primarily provide ...

A Saving Drop Essential Oils

We have all enjoyed the fragrant scent of a blooming rose, but did you realize you also experienced the aromatic qualities of essential oils while doing this? There are naturally ...

Alternative & Holistic Health

11659 N Loop Rd
El Paso   TX 79927

Trinity Health Coaching

Trinity Health Coaching is a health education and coaching service based in El Paso, Texas. Our services include physician-supervised weight loss, health coaching, lifestyle ...

Healing House

Our mission is to serve the people in finding peace and happiness. It is not only a place to grab a gift for your friend but it is a place to make a friend. We are all friends ...

Alternative & Holistic Health

603 Upson
El Paso   TX 79902

Embrace Yoga Studio

The remarkable benefits of Ashtanga Yoga, which include improved flexibility, balance, muscle tone, endurance, and vitality only hint at the extraordinary power of this deeply ...

Alternative & Holistic Health, Yoga & Pilates

1154 Upper Canyon Pl #B *Entrance Left Lateral Side*
El Paso   TX 79912

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